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About Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow

I have had a passion to impact the quality of people's lives as far back as I can remember. In college I chose the path of psychology and social work which I majored in at both Bowling Green State University, and then at The University of Nevada Reno where I completed my bachelors education.

I have an eclectic background in the fields of health and wellness related industries, food and beverage, sales and management (from entry level to executive), leadership, and over a 30 year history of starting and owning small businesses.

One of my most memorable business ventures, was creating, owning and operating a natural foods eatery/ juice bar in Silverdale and Seattle Wa. for 11 years from 1992-2003. I have since owned and operated numerous businesses, and have been helping other business owners achieve greater purpose, passion, productivity and profitability over the last 10 years as well.  

I was asked to Co –author the book, Your Ultimate Sales Force, due to my passion and skill set in health and wellness, sales/ leadership/ business growth, and personal/professional development. I wrote the first chapter, The YOU Factor, which describes the why and how of growing yourself first before taking the next step of your career ladder, or attempting to grow your business. I contributed chapters on “Believe-ability” and Clarity and Purpose as well.

 I have been a Certified Counselor in private practice in WA state since 2005. I am President and CWO of Optimal Wellness Inc., dba's The Wellspring Company and Optimal Wellness Consulting. I enjoy the one on one environment of counseling/consulting in my private practice. I equally enjoy facilitating and training in communication, resilience, team building, and more to assist and inspire business leaders as well as staff to realize a quality of life they only previously dreamt of  achieving. You CAN achieve greater health and wellbeing while cultivating greater business success. A big part of my mission is to facilitate transformation both on the personal side- health and relationships as well as in the business arena.   

My desire is to continue to educate, equip,  advocate, and motivate through speaking, writing, consulting, coaching and training to help others shift into more of their authentic self, break out of ruts that do not serve them, and realize the joy that comes from real and lasting change and transformation that has a tremendous future- but immediate impact on their lives both personally and professionally….because life IS short, and we need to LIVE it well!

I will continue to meld coaching, consulting and counseling into my work with both individuals and companies as I see how this 3 pronged approach is SO effective.  Contact me if you are curious and would like to know more! I would love to connect with you.  thewellspringco@gmail.com

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Lesli Dullum, LMP, CC
phone 360.509.0345
fax: 360.692.6339
PO Box 600
Silverdale, WA 98383
E-mail: optimalwellnessconsulting@gmail.com

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