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"Elevating Your Company To New Heights One Employee At A Time!"

Corporate Custom Wellness Programs

We offer  custom tailored Wellness for Peak Performance Programs to meet the needs of your company. We utilize a non medical integrative approach to our Wellness programs.

It's about optimizing your company's productivity and elevating your company to new heights… one employee at a time.

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 Motivational Speaking/ Training…

On a multitude of topics from A- Z and a whole bunch in between!

Topics we offer include: Identifying Stress triggers, Stress Management Strategies, Cooperative Communication in the workplace, Team building, Resilience training, Effective management techniques, Capitalization of Strengths and management of weaknesses, Optimizing Productivity, Creativity and Efficiency along with topics to aid in enhancing Physical Wellness such as Nutrition, Postural /Ergonomic awareness, Benefits of Massage and Chiropractic etc.

Educational Workshops

These can be custom designed according to the needs and interest of your staff.  Any of the list of 24 topics can be adapted and modified to be a speech, a half or full day workshop.

Individual Counseling or Consulting

Every organization is made up of individuals. As with any machine, the health and functionality of the whole, depends on the health and functionality of its parts.

Your whole organization is made up of your greatest asset- people. If your people are constantly struggling with physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual issues, they cannot be bringing you their best. Working towards optimizing, equipping and restoring each person back to a healthier more balanced place, allows their energy and focus to be where it needs to be during the day- at work.

On site Wellness Fairs

 This is a sure hit with employees and other staff. It is not your typical boring Wellness Fair with a few providers taking blood pressure or speaking on the hazards of high cholesterol. Our wellness fairs incorporate exciting, energizing speakers and alternative health care providers. We make it a fanfare event and fun for the whole family. Families get to spend an afternoon having fun and getting educated all at the same time! Some companies elect to open this up to the community enhancing their exposure and benefiting the larger community as well.

On site Massage

Therapeutic Massage brings relief of sore, aching, tense muscles. Whether you choose the level where employees pay for their own seated chair massage at work, or where it is inclusive in the fee you pay to Optimal Wellness Inc., employees function best when they are relaxed and not hurting. So many employers underestimate the lost productivity to hurting, stressed workers. Offering massage not only helps relieve pain and tension that is occurring for your staff, it lets them know that they are valued and an important asset to the company. Many companies offer this as a “Friday treat” to end the week on a great note.

 Personality testing

 This testing is done to determine certain personality traits of your staff and what preferences, or style of relating tend to dominate. This information is useful in the workplace, as it offers your staff the opportunity to learn more about themselves, why they relate to others the way they do, and glean more empathy and understanding towards their co-workers, colleagues and clients, that will serve them well in creating better and more effective working relationships with others.

Wellness Assessments

Most companies have an idea of where the problems and weaknesses are, but they are biased. They can only see from their perspective, and from the feedback they get from managers and department heads who often see things from their own skewed perspective.  It takes a non biased observer with no hidden agendas to come in and accurately assess where the strengths and weaknesses of a company are. Through a combination of talking with your staff, along with wellness surveys that are administered where employees can safely answer with anonymity can we begin to earnestly see what is truly needed for your company to grow and thrive.

Ongoing Wellness Program Development

Once we have your wellness program implemented and positive changes are well underway, we will discuss and design ongoing policies, procedures and programs that will keep the positive changes occurring over time. The goal is to create long term success that will keep your employees healthier, engaged, and productive, and keep your company's productivity and profits soaring for years to come.

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