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Living Your Way To Wellness

Optimal Wellness Consulting and The Wellspring Company provide a multitude of health and wellness services for individuals and companies alike. Discover how smart, integral changes can create waves of progress at work and at home. Reduce stress, accomplish more, work smarter, enhance creativity, strengthen relationships and feel a whole lot better while doing it. Get on the path to wellness today!

The Wellspring Company - For Businesses and Corporations

Whether you are looking to increase your company's bottom line, reduce absenteeism, motivate tired and stressed employees, or ensure that your management communicates more effectively, The Wellspring Company's Wellness for Peak Performance program has something for you. 

From seminars and workshops to personalized feedback and on-site training, we provide a variety of wellness-based personal and professional development services. Bring your company up to its full potential with integrative, health-savvy measures that make the most out of greatest asset-- your employees. See the difference a healthy, motivated and happy workforce makes for your company. 

Optimal Wellness Consulting - For Individuals and Couples

Optimal Wellness Consulting offers counseling services as well as health/wellness coaching and consulting, utilizing an integrative approach that focuses on the culmination of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow's credentials as a Licensed Massage Practitioner and a Certified Counselor are bolstered by her background in nutrition and wellness, allowing her to provide personalized care that supports the mind, body and spirit. Lesli empowers her clients with a variety of tools to help manage their personal relationships, diet/nutrition, physical health, work stress, major life transitions, self-esteem and more. 

"Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow will help you achieve wellness in all areas of your life. Use her resources and you will soar on your way to creating your own destiny!"
-- Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny



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