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"Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow is a powerful speaker and teacher that moves people. She walks the talk and her passion for living well demands action from others."
--Mike Davidson, BizBuilders Networking Groups Founder, CEO and Co-Author of Your Ultimate Sales Force.
 Co- Author of YOUR ULTIMATE SALES FORCE, Lesli is available for professional keynote speaking engagements, as well as  half  or full day workshop presentations for companies, churches, businesses and/or community organizations on a multitude of topics dealing with health, wellness and business issues including seminars on wellness in the workplace.( See Wellness for Peak Performance page)

 Lesli speaks, trains, consults, coaches and facilitates transformation in the following areas:
  • Stress Triggers/ Effective Stress Management
  • The Myth of Time Management- Focus on Energy Management
  • Effective Communication at Home and at Work
  • Work/ Life balance -How to juggle all the balls and not have them fall
  • Living with Purpose and Passion- How clarity fuels passion for life and creates business differentiation
  • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
  • Servant Leadership- Cultivating a servants heart in your leadership
  • Shock and Awe Customer Service- How do your clients experience you?
  • The YOU Factor- Becoming your best self physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually 
  • Identifying and transforming non productive conflict ( chaos) into productive conflict
  • Purpose/ Mission/Vision- Make them come alive in your business
  • Employee morale- from detached to engaged to invested
  • Creating Intentional Company Culture-  How to make core values meaningful and relevant
  • Creating Resilience and Reserve so it is there when you need it
  • Self Management- Learning how to manage yourself under any circumstances
  • Transparency- Learning to embrace the difficult and become comfortable with vulnerability
  • Compassion/ Appreciation- Cultivating an attitude of gratitude for self, others and the bigger mission
  • Brain Gain - Learning how to maximize command central to be your best self and influence others
Here's a partial list of people and places she has presented to:
  • Harmony Hill- Retreat Center
  • State Farm Insurance Co.
  • Patrick Snow seminars
  • Apex Professionals 
  • WestSound Soroptimist Womens' Show
  • Franciscan Health Care Managers
  • Business Network International (BNI).
  • iServe  Mortgage Lending
  • Peninsula Bible Fellowship
  • CMC Annual Womens Conference
  • Edward Jones
  • Toastmasters Regional Conference
  • Wings 
  • Edmonds Realty
  • Snohomish Senior Center Endowment Fundraiser 
  • Kitsap Credit Union
  • Connections Credit Union
  • Reid Realty
  • Kitsap Business Forum
  • Harrison Hospital/ CHI
  • Kitsap Public Services Inc.

Speaking fees vary and are negotiable based on location, length of speech/presentation, audience size, travel costs etc. Lesli's executive assistant is more than happy to work with your meeting planner, event organizer, or HR personnel to customize and create the keynote speech, and/or workshop that will meet the needs of your organization or event.  We are happy to work within your company's budget. If you are a non profit, please let us know.
"To say I was impressed by Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow at the recent Health and Wellness event is an understatement. Although I was aware of her reputation as a professional and an expert in the wellness arena, her thorough knowledge was immediately apparent in her delivery and was matched only by her exceptional enthusiasm. She was articulate, interesting and entertaining and her boundless energy was contagious. I can't wait to attend her future speaking engagements and have already recommended that several of my colleagues join me!"
--Geof Kaufman, Author of Mastering Your Choices
For corporations and businesses, speaking fees may incorporate copies of the book Your Ultimate Sales Force. You will want all of your sales staff to have a copy of this life changing personal/professional growth book.
Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow,LMT,CC

Co- Author of Your Ultimate Sales Force book

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Lesli Dullum, LMP, CC
phone 360.509.0345
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