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Wellness in Marriage

Every marriage whether newly married or hitched for some time, goes through peaks and valleys. Sometimes the valleys are more prevalent and this can take a toll on many couples. The divorce statistics bear this out: people are often miserable in their most primary significant relationships.

How does this happen? How do two people who publicly profess to love, honor and cherish one another go from bliss to this? The answers are varied but suffice it to say, there is some common thread that is woven throughout the fabric of nearly every relationship that can help one  understand how it can all go sideways in a hurry.

The Way We Do Dating And Courtship In This Society Sets Us Up For Relational Failure

We go from attraction, to the asking and accepting of a date. From there, it often entails romantic excursions to exotic places, dinners out, concerts, flowers and other gifts bestowed on the object of one's attraction. We create romantic interludes; walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, movies and magic.

We begin to delude ourselves that this is real life. The qualities that we may be looking for in a lifetime partner certainly cannot manifest in this artificial environment. We often marry people based on a number of things, none of which is true, real and lasting love and commitment. The things that are truly important, the quality of someone's character, their integrity, their belief system and values, cannot be gleaned necessarily by immersing oneself into this endorphin overload environment.

And make no mistake. The high of a new romantic relationship is very much like the high of a drug- and can stay that way for a very long time. Research has shown that the love induced euphoria can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months- just about the time that most people decide to marry.

Wellness In Marriage Workshops

Wellness In Marriage Workshops are designed to rekindle the flame that was once present in your marriage. If it is still there, but has faded a bit, this workshop will fan the flame and restore some connection, communication and intimacy back into your marriage. If it has blown out completely, this workshop has the potential to reignite it! The Wellness in Marriage Workshop accomplishes this in a safe, small (in numbers of couples) environment. The topics covered include:

  • How men and women think and communicate differently
  • The many myths of marriage
  • Communication techniques- how to say what you mean and mean what you say- and hear what he/she meant
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Fair fighting techniques
  • Love languages and priorities
  • Getting your needs and hers/his met
  • Reconnection through touch
  • The art and necessity of couples massage
  • Keeping the flame alive

Workshops are presented on Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Investment in your marriage  is $ 297 per couple.

The value to your marriage- priceless!!!!

Military Discounts Available

Locations vary. Call or email for up-to-date seminars, dates and locations.
Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow LMP, CC
Ask yourself today, Would you want to be married to you ??? Take one small step to enrich your marriage today. Learn Practical things you can begin to do today to make a new relationship flourish.

Make a Marriage that Rocks!

Here's What Some Past Participants Have Had To Say -

It was a perfect day. I liked the massage in the afternoon as your previous clients suggested more comfortable with the environment and can go home relaxed
--A happy wife

 This seminar has been invaluable. I would definitely recommend it.
--A happy wife

 This was a great experience. I would not change a thing
--A husband attendee

It was a great reminder to hear the differences in the way we respond to each other our counseling has never addressed all the variables involved in each individual. You are sensitive, quick witted and interesting to listen to and interact with. The day flew by in a good way.
--Robin B

Lesli is the most sincere, awesome communicator. I learned so much in this one day. I'd highly recommend this workshop to all my friends. Thanks Lesli
Anna C.

I would tell friends for sure. The price was great.
Anonymous husband who initially did not want to attend

 Proper Massage Techniques was so valuable. I can now use these techniques on my husband, kids and even get one for myself! I also loved all the handouts, exercises and visual examples. They really help reinforce what I learned.
Anonymous wife

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